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Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Roaring Lion Fire
time lapse video

Are you a landowner concerned about the health of your forested property?


Do you live in a fire prone area?


Do you have unhealthy or hazardous tree fuel build-up that needs to be thinned?

Then you may qualify for a 50x50 Cost Share Hazardous Fuels Reduction grant.

Hazardous Fuels Treatment Grant funding may be available to assist private landowners and communities living in the Wildland-Urban Interface within Missoula, Mineral and Ravalli Counties as follows:


  • Assist private landowners and communities reduce hazardous fuels while improving forest health on private lands, and

  • Help landowners create and maintain defensible space around their homes from wildland fire, and

  • Improve the health and vigor of private forest lands.

Applications from individual landowners, groups of homeowners, and communities are solicited yearlong.

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